Chris Geoga

I am a statistician and applied mathematician with broad interests in statistical methodology and computing in the physical sciences. My primary interest is modeling complicated dependence structure in real-life temporal/spatial/spatio-temporal processes, and I'm particularly interested in theoretical questions that are motivated by computationally scalable methods and approximations.




Clicking on the title of the paper will take you to ArXiv or some other direct PDF source, and the DOI link will take you to the official journal version. Direct PDF links marked (ArXiv vXXX) mean that the ArXiv version differs from the journal version somehow. I try to do a good job about uploading substantial revisions to arXiv, so the differences are in general limited to small revisions that don't really change the substance of the paper very much. But if you want a journal version and can't get access, please shoot me a note and I'll send one over.

You can also see my publications on My google scholar profile.


All code is written in the Julia language. If you are an R user but want to use any of this software, feel free to reach out---I have provided or helped other people develop bindings for use in R before. It isn't too bad to do.


Besides for a very new Mastodon account that I will probably not actually get into the habit of using, I do not use any social media or internet networking websites. If you see any account with my name on it, please assume that it is not really me. Please contact me by email at the following address:

I also use XMPP, so if you'd prefer to communicate by instant messaging please first reach out by email and I will share that contact information with you.