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Chris Geoga

I am a statistician and applied mathematician with broad interests in statistical methodology and computing in the physical sciences. My primary interest is modeling complicated dependence structure in real-life temporal/spatial/spatio-temporal processes, and I'm particularly interested in theoretical questions that are motivated by computationally scalable methods and approximations.

I am currently a PhD student in the Department of Statistics at Rutgers University working with Michael Stein. Since August 2016, I have worked at Argonne National Laboratory under the supervision of Mihai Anitescu.

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    I do not use any social media or internet networking websites. If you see any account with my name on it, please assume that it is not really me. Please contact me by email at one of these addresses:

    I also use XMPP, so if you'd prefer to communicate by instant messaging please first reach out by email and I will share that contact information with you.